We are committed to protecting the security of Tribe Members and Tribe Leaders by addressing security issues responsibly and in a timely manner.

If you're a security expert or researcher and believe you have discovered a security-related issue with identi, we appreciate your help in disclosing the issue to us responsibly.

We require that you:

  • Contact us to submit a potential vulnerability. Security researchers must include detailed information with steps for us to reproduce the vulnerability.

  • Give us a reasonable amount of time to respond to the issue before making any information about it public.

  • Refrain from:

    • Accessing or modifying user information without the permission of the account owner.

    • Exposing other users to vulnerabilities. All testing should be done on your own user pages and only between accounts you control. This includes paying for Tribe Memberships to actual Tribe Leaders. If you need to test the Tribe Membership Payment functionality, create a second test account and set it to “Tribe Leader” status.

  • Act in good faith not to degrade the performance of our services (including denial of service).

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