You've launched, and are receiving Tribe Members. There’s just one question that you’re asking yourself: When will I get paid? We’re here to help answer this question!

First, you're free to pay yourself anytime. In the revenue part of identi STUDIO, simply click the button "Pay Out Now" to transfer your identi revenue to your own bank account in a matter of hours.

The available sum for payouts is the current state of successful billing attempts to your tribe members:

We bill your Tribe Members after a three-day tribe trial on the 1st of each month at midnight in pacific standard time (PST)– payments process throughout the day on the 1st of each month PST.

Example: A new Tribe Members joins your tribe on March 5th. Once they confirm their 3-day trial they can enter your tribe, see and comment on your updates, engage with the community and adopt your habits. They are charged on April 1st for their March Tribe Membership Fee.

What if my Tribe Members cancel their Membership?

Your Tribe Member will lose access to your Tribe and its habits content as soon as they cancel their membership. They will not be able to comment on any posts, or interact with your community.

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