While we don’t want to restrict people’s creativity, there are limits to what you can offer as a benefit or content to your Tribe Members.

How are these guidelines reinforced?

We know most Tribe Leaders simply want to provide as much value as possible to their tribes, but certain things are restricted. We have to make sure people aren’t circumventing our guidelines by sharing prohibited content off of identi that are not identified on identi.

As a result, the Trust and Safety team looks at a Tribe Leader's entire online presence when reviewing benefit tiers.

Illegal creations and uploads

Legality is very difficult to determine because every country and state has different laws. As a result, we design our policies to make sense for a global company, not just where you are located. Here are some types of things that we do not allow anywhere on identi. In some of these cases, we will also report the account and work with law enforcement to identify the source. Things that are not allowed include:

  • Images of child abuse and sexual depiction of minors.

  • Images of human or animal abuse.

  • Access to betting or gambling products or services.

For information on benefits that infringe on intellectual property rights please see our Copyright and Trademark policy.

Drugs, medication, and supplements

Sometimes people want to share their experience with struggles they faced and how they got better as a way of helping others who are struggling, and that’s more than okay. However, we don’t want Tribe Leaders to encourage harmful or dangerous behaviors. As a result, you cannot offer the following as part of your Tribe:

  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia.

  • Partial payment for drugs, medication, or supplements such as coupons, gift cards, or any incentive to purchase or obtain the categories mentioned above.

  • Medication or food supplements such as weight loss, energy boost or miracle cures.

  • Books or any other form of educational material claiming that they can help cure disease.

Note that identi allows creations and uploads engaging or discussing alternative medicine as long as it does not put people at risk. There is a fine line, but there is a difference between “Medical research on the use of CBD oil against dementia” vs “How to cure cancer only with Yoga” and the team actively reviews creations and uploads that might fall under the second category.

Weapons and explosives

We are a global company, so we have some restrictions on the things you can offer in your Tribe. You cannot offer the following as benefits in your identi Tribe:

  • Offering lethal weapons as a benefit.

  • Offering fireworks as a benefit.

  • Benefits offering partial payment such as coupons, gift cards, or any incentive to purchase or obtain firearms or explosives.

  • Tutorials, instructions, or demonstrations for crafting or modifying weapons, such as 3D printed designs, manufacturing firearms, and other Do-It-Yourself (DIY) creations.

Alcohol and smoking

You are welcome to create a Tribe or Habits dedicated to beer tasting or making cocktails. The same is true if you want to review cigars and talk about the history of tobacco, but there are some limitations to the benefits you can offer. You cannot offer the following:

  • Alcohol and smoking substances such as tobacco, cigars, vapes, e-cigarette, rolling paper, and cigarettes.

  • Offering promotions, coupons, or any other incentives to purchase or obtain alcohol and smoking products.

  • Offering kits to brew alcohol.

Finance and cryptocurrency

You are free to talk about and share material concerning financial advice and cryptocurrency, but identi was not designed to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or create an investment scheme. Therefore, while you can share creations and advice, you cannot offer the following benefits:

  • Coins as part of a benefit or making your Tribe Member an investor.

  • Partial payment such as coupons, gift cards, or any incentive to purchase or obtain cryptocurrency.

  • Tribe Leaders may not organize benefits designed to commit fraud such as a pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

  • You cannot offer benefits that promise Tribe Members a financial benefit based on following advice provided in the benefit such as “if you pay $50 a month, my advice will earn you 10 times that.”

Sex work and sexual services

While we welcome nudity on identi, this is only true for Tribe Leaders who follow both our Community Guidelines and these Benefit Guidelines. There is a fine line between creations and experiences which is highlighted in our Community Guidelines. We understand that Tribe Leaders sometimes need to push the boundaries of what is acceptable to society, but we don’t allow pornography or sexual services to be funded on identi. As a result, you cannot offer the following benefits:

  • You cannot use identi to provide access to pornographic material such as giving access to a website or shared private access to pornographic creations whether on identi or on any other platform. Pornography is defined as real people engaging in sexual acts such as masturbation or sexual intercourse on camera.

  • You cannot offer items that are either sexually gratifying or intimate in nature.

  • You cannot use identi's payment system to fund escort activity.

  • You cannot offer an erotic webcam session to your Tribe Member. This means that we have a no-nudity policy for Tribe Leaders using Live Streams.

  • 18+ Tribe Leaders featuring real people cannot offer benefits that are limited to a single Tribe Member, such as a custom video or audio file specifically created for one Tribe Member, or a page made for one Tribe Member. That does not mean that you cannot have polls or have your Tribe Members actively participating in your creative process, but they can only do so for as long as the benefits are delivered to a larger group of Tribe Members and are within our guidelines.

Here the question really comes down to what your Tribe Members are paying for on identi. We are also happy to provide you with more education on how to maintain a dual presence and dual monetization if you want to have more than just 18+ creations.

Health, hygiene, and consumables

Creations related to cooking, how to make your own products, and discussing health are allowed, but Tribe Leaders cannot offer ingredients or products meant for ingestion as a benefit. Tribe Leaders may, however, offer topical items like lotions or perfumes as a benefit of joining a Tribe.

Multi-level marketing and direct selling

identi is not a platform to launch a direct sales business or facilitate Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). identi is not meant to be a means to promote a direct sales business, but a place for Tribe Leaders to engage and provide value to your communities. Products manufactured and sold by direct marketing companies are not a benefit to be offered as part of a Tribe Membership.


Everyone loves the thrill and the idea of winning a prize which means that raffles can seem like an attractive way to win a bigger audience. However, you cannot request payment for raffles or giveaways as part of a benefit. In other words, Tribe Members should not have to pay for the chance to win something. This includes lotteries, raffles, or even mystery boxes if the value of the box is not guaranteed. If you want to offer any form of giveaways to your followers, make sure to open them to your fan base in general, ensure they are not only accessible to your Tribe Members, and follow the applicable laws.

Copyright & trademark in merchandise

Your content is yours — identi won’t use it in our advertising or as promotional material without your permission. All content is subject to review and we reserve the right to refuse the processing of any content at any time and for any reason.

It’s your responsibility as a Tribe Leader to follow these guidelines. By submitting content to identi, you accept that it complies with both identi's guidelines and Terms of Use.

Merchandise explicitly harassing or threatening the well-being of an individual or group of people will not be facilitated. This can include words or imagery that incite others to commit acts of violence or engage in threatening behavior such as stalking. For additional information, please reference this support article.

Other things to note

This list is not exhaustive and might change in the future as technologies evolve and life simply happens. If you have doubts about your projects, please contact us. We are always happy to help.

This policy is part of identi's Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. For more information, contact us at [email protected].

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